Clayton Simpson adds his voice

Reasons why I DO NOT want to be recognised in their Constitution.

1) Since the conversation has ignited around constitutional recognition and doing some individual research surrounding this debate and I have noticed that constitutional recognition does not give us as First Nations People’s any rights to our Lands and Water. Something that a TREATY and Bill Of Rights will.

2) Historically, we have NEVER campaigned for Constitutional Recognition. We have always campaigned for a TREATY and have our SOVEREIGNTY recognised by mainstream Australia.

3) The Recognise campaign profits from the mining industry, the same industry that destroys our sacred lands and waters. The same industry that destroys our culture and caused friction between our people.

4) In order for Aboriginal organisations to receive commonwealth funding under the new Indigenous Advancement Strategy to deliver programs and keep organisations running, THEY HAVE TO SUPPORT THR RECOGNISE CAMPAIGN OR THEY MISS OUT!  That is not ethical at all.

5) They want to remove section 25 that discriminates against people from voting based on their race. After some research I have seen that Section 25 has NEVER been used and will only make the Prime Minister and his party look good.

6) The recognise campaign HAS NOT acknowledged nor commented the current issues affecting our communities, Such as the recent Forced Closures of Aboriginal Communities in WA/SA. They want to recognise us in their constitution but want to close our communities down, especially where Aboriginal languages are strong.

With the rallies/protests for Aboriginal rights displayed the past few months between Aboriginal and Non Aboriginal people. NOW is the time to open up the conversation again about TREATY and SOVEREIGNTY!

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