Who are the 3%? Indigenous people constitute 3% of the Australian population. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander What changes does the government want to make to the Federal constitution? The referendum proposes to amend five elements of the constitution that will, according to the Recognise campaign ‘…bring the country together after so many chapters apart.’ Voices of the 3% argue that these changes are tokenistic and will only be used to ameliorate white guilt. According to Boe Skuthorpe-Spearim (Gamliaraay) it doesn’t ‘…facilitate real power sharing.’ In fact it takes away the sovereignty of a people who did not consent to have their lands taken away from them. The first suggestion is to remove section 25, which allows state and territory governments to disqualify people of a certain race voting in elections. ‘It has never been used’ according to Michael Mansell Amending this section will do ‘nothing’ to remove the terrible injustices that face Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, according in Mansell. It only makes ‘…the Prime Minster look good…’ Another inconsistency in the recognise campaign is the amendment of section 51 (xxvi) which are known as ‘race power,’ allowing governments to pass laws that discriminate against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. You would think that such a change would prevent things like the 2007 intervention from happening, however a new amendment will be added that ‘…preserve the Australian Government’s ability to pass laws to the benefit of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.’ This will only maintain the status quo. Adding further insult to injury is the introduction of a new section, 127A. This will acknowledge that indigenous...

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