If you are one of the 3% use your Voice to express how you feel about Constitutional Recognition and the Recognise Campaign.

Record your Video/Audio

Begin by saying your name and country – or how you would like to be identified in the video/audio

Make sure your voice is clear, that you’re not too loud and that you’re in the shot

Have someone help you if necessary

If you are using your phone or a tablet, turn it to landscape (sideways)

If it helps, write down what you have to say

Speak your truth!

Try to make the video/audio  short and sharp

Save your video/audio and, if you can, give it your name as a file name

How to get your video/audio to us

Use the form below to upload your video/audio (max size 500MB). If you have trouble with video uploads you can simply go to vidstocloud.com, upload your video there and email the link to contact@voicesofthe3.net – there are instructions on how to upload video at their site. You can also upload to your own Youtube or Vimeo account and send the link to us at contact@voicesofthe3.net. You can also share audio via Soundcloud. If all else fails, get in touch and we’ll find a way to get your videos or audio files 🙂 If you are sending audio only, please also send an image by email.


Upload Your Video/Audio

This may take a while if your file is large so please be patient.